1985 Establishment of Akar Asansör

          Akar Asansör, started to manufacture elevator motor-machine in Kavaklı province (İstanbul) 


1993 Turkey's first compact elevator machine-motor production

          Akar Asansör, introduced DAK series geared elevator machine-motor. 


 1993 Participation in the first international fair

          Akar Asansor exhibited its products for the first time in the international platform at Elevator Istanbul Fair in 1993.


 1997 Participation in the first international international exhibition

          In 1997, Akar Asansör joined Interlift Germany for the first time.


2003 Production of the first safety gear and speed regulator

         Akar added speed regulator and safety gear to its product range first time in Turkey, which have CE ertificate by a notified body.


2004 Production of the Acrobat (ACR135 Series) elevator machine-motor.

         Turkey's first and only; three sides mountable, upright compact elevator motor-machine, ACR135 introduced to market. 


2005 Turkey's first gearless (synchronous) machine-motor design

         Turkey's first gearless (synchronous) machine-motor design project was approved and supported by TEYDEB.


2007 Turkey's first gearless (synchronous) elevator machine-motor production

         Following the successful completion of the TEYDEB project, the preparation phase for the serial production was completed in 2007 and SMT series gearless (synchronous) elevator machine-motor was intoduced to market.


2013 Gearless motor drive system AKAR BELTSYS® with belt instead of rope

         Akar Asansör, following the completion of CE certification, introduced AKAR BELTSYS® - Belt Gearless Elevator System in Elevator Istanbul Fair 2013. 
Akar Asansör
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