Akar Research and Development Team, together with its customers, offers solutions for new projects that will help customers develop their projects and add value to their commercial activities. It aims to provide solutions that will increase the sales performance of its customers' products and put them one step forward.

The Akar R&D team analyzes the trends and needs of the elevator industry in today's dynamic world; makes the designs by blending new technologies, experience and engineering knowledge in the sector.

Akar, which is the leader in the development of solutions for the needs of the elevator drive motor of its customers, is constantly in search of new materials, techniques and technology.

A new product design in Akar starts with customer expectations and requests. Before starting mass production of new products;

  • Engineering calculations,
  • CAD design and analysis,
  • Sample manufacturing,
  • Laboratory test,
  • Tower test,
  • Field test,
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