R&D Projects

Akar is constantly working on new projects with a team of engineers and technicians experienced in R&D, knowledgeable and open to developments.

Important R&D projects of Akar:
  • Magnet Excited Multi-Pole Synchronous Motor and System Design with 4m/sec and 1600 kg Carrying Capacity for Use in High Speed ​​Elevator Systems
(TEYDEB Project No: 7120858)
  • Permanent Magnet Multi-Pole Synchronous Motor Design for use in Elevator Systems - (up to 2.5m / s speed and 1275 kg carrying capacity)
      (TİDEB Project No: 3040329)
  • 132 Body High Performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Development Project (KOSGEB R&D Innovation Program Project)
       (KOSGEB Project No: 10968)
  • Design and Manufacturing of Elevator Drive System Constructed with Steel Wire Rope (Belt) Coated with Special Polyester Material - AKAR BELTSYS®
       (Utility Model - TPE No: 2011/05462)
  • Design, Manufacturing and CE Approvals of Double Coil and Double Mirror Brakes in Single Body (Electromagnetic Synchronous Motor Brake)
       (Utility Model - TPE No: 2012/01862)
  • One Piece Electromechanical Brake System Design and Manufacturing
       (Patent without examination - TPE No: 2009/08883)
  • Design and Manufacturing of Two-Way Speed ​​Regulator (Different Models Complying with Updated Standards)
  • Remote Controlled Speed ​​Regulator for Elevator Systems (according to EN81-1: + A3)
       (Utility Model - TPE No: 2012/02772)
  • Compact Type Elevator Machine Motor Design and Manufacturing (DAK125, DAK135, DAK150, DAK190 models)

AKAR has the ability to rapidly adapt to technological innovations and changing standards and renew and develop its designs.
In this respect, it has an advanced R&D structure and knowledge.
Akar Asansör
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